SOLD 12/8/2001

Details on my bugeye.

Please note: I will be out of the country from the 10th of December till the 23rd.  Then it's

the holidays and again I will be out of the country from the 31st of December till the 9th of

January.  If you would like to "hold" the car a deposit of $2000.00 is required.  Sorry to 

do this but I have spent the last 11 days with a guy that never came through.....  Jon


Picture can be viewed at

If you would like to read an article I wrote for an English car magazine

then click HERE, warning: it's a 250k  download.

The following it a list of good and BAD things to make it as clear as I can...

For $6500 it's not a perfect runner. If it where the price would be a lot more.

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Good things:
Front and rear 1" sway bar.    Spax rear adjustable shocks
Spax front shocks    Front disk breaks
Modified BMC A series engine (1275)    Kenlowe electric fan
Mk 2 radiator    Oil cooler
Re-wired with 12 fuses    Electric fuel pump
Full leather interior + English weave carpet    Fully lined trunk
"Maglite" wheels (51/2J)    Wheel locks
Weber 45 carb.    Electronic ignition (Mallory)
Rubber timing belt    Half race cam
Alternator    Toyota 5 speed tran.
CD/Radio and two channel amp. No rust, all metal body
Bad things:
Oil leak NO soft top, have one, needs modifying
NO heater. Break "power booster" needs replacing

Bad oil leak.

The oil leak is at the back of the engine, between the block and the "bell housing" plate. I suspect that one of the replaced

(during rebuild) oil way plug has come loose.

Engine out is made very easy as the modified hood can be removed by two bolts, and electrical connector, then moved away.

The break servo (power booster) needs to be replaced, the breaks are now back to normal, but with discs on the front.

Hydraulics will require bleeding/repair when the new power booster is installed.