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ICCI-DCS User Application

Here you can download a full featured client application that demonstrates how the ICCI Departure Control System can be accessed over the internet using a rich user interface.

First the client application must be downloaded and installed on the user machine. Once this is done the application can directly be used to interact with the Departure Control System running on the ICCI internet server.

As communication is done using the soap protocol using HTTP, it is guaranteed that communication will work via any firewall that is configured to allow normal web page access.

To install the client application

To run the client application

  • In the start menu the 'ICCI DCS User Application' entry should be added. Start it.
  • When asked to log in use for both username and password the word 'test'. 


When the application does not work properly

In case the application does not work, it might be needed to install some of the following extra components depending on you computer configuration.

  • Microsoft MDAC 2.5 or higher.  You can download this at the Microsoft MDAC download page
  • Microsoft Soap 2.0 and XML 3. You can download this install file here  (2.39 MB)