Airline Fright To Gate Time Remarks
UA 5704 San Jose 6:10pm On Time
UA 5423 Los Angeles 6:34pm On Time
EI 45 Acapulco 7:00pm On Time
NZ 45 Auckland 7:30pm On Time
GZ 620 Aitutaki 7:30pm On Time
UA 5629 San Francisco 7:40pm On Time
AA 3010 Los Angeles 8:00pm On Time
US 2738 Las Vegas 9:45pm On Time
JR 22 Adana 11:00pm On Time
EI 88 Aberdeen 11:00pm On Time
US 123 Dallas/Ft. Worth 11:55pm On Time

------- Tomorrows flights to follow --------


Sunday, November 18, 2018